Well what a year 2012 was, with ankle deep mud and continuous rain throughout the summer months, let's hope 2013 is going to be a good one. Below is a list of events that I will be attending.

Downtown Cuckoo Fair, Somerset, 5th May

North Somerset Agricultural Show, 6th May

Highclere Game & Country Fair, 26th and 27th May

Amesbury Carnival, 1st June

Oxfordshire County Thame Show, 13th July

Woodcote Rally, Reading, 14th July

Forest Fayre with Steam, 17th August

Hampton Country Fayre, 18th August

Uffington White Horse Show, 25th & 26th August

Monmouthshire Show, 29th August

Moreton in the Marsh show, 7th September

Royal Berkshire Show, 21st & 22nd September

Malvern Autumn Show, 28th & 29th September

Ploughing Match & Country Market, Oxford, 13th October

Millets Christmas Craft Fair, Oxford, 12th and 13th November

Cotswold Hunt Christmas Fair, 24th November

Civic Centre, Trowbridge, 30th November


Welcome to 2012,

List of stalls that I will be attending in 2012:

Downtown Cuckoo Fair, Somerset, 5th May

North Somerset Agricultural Show, 7th May

Stroud on Water, National Trailboat Festival, Glo 2-4th June

Bowood Dog Show, 10th June

Lawn Summer Craft Fair, 30th June

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, 14-15th July

Wanborough Show, 18th August

Uffington White Horse show, 26th, 27th August

Monmouth Show, 30 August

Frome, Cheese and Agricultural Show, 8th September

Frampton Country Fair, 9th September

Avebury Markets, 9th September

Avebury Markets, 14th October

St Francis Shopping and Pamper evening, Taw Hill, 19th October

Hungerford Xmas fair, 10th November

Avebury Markets, 11th November

Beaufort Hunt Christmas Fair, 22nd November

Christmas Festival at Sandown Racecourse, 7th & 8th December

Highworth Craft Fair, 15th December



I have had a very busy year for 2011. I launched my new painted wildlife on Turkey and Goose feathers created into lovely pens in February and this has become a gradual success for me. I have created a Youtube movie of some of my feathers (on the left here).In the Autumn I launched my hand painted Maple leaves dried and preserved, I am working on other unique products to add to my website soon.

January 2011 - Have made a list of some of the stalls that I will be attending for the New Year.

Burford, Warwich Hall, Oxford 19th March

Trindledown Farm, National Animal Welfare Trust, Easter Fair, 24th April

Lydiard Park, Swindon (for pets in need) 1st May

Bowood House, Swindon (Charity Dog Show & Summer Fair) 12th June

Neeld Hall, Chippenham 25th June

Cerney Wick Dog Show, Cirencester 10th September

Frampton Country Fair, 11th September

Craft Fair, Bristol, 15th October

Neeld Hall, Chippenham, 29th October

The Hill Primary School, Reading, 11th November

Craft Fair, Hungerford Town Hall, 19th November

Craft Fair, Tilehurst,2nd December

Lyneham Village Hall, Wiltshire, 10th December

December 2010 - Have been busy completing commissions for Christmas.

November 2010 - Having completed my portrait of Tony McCoy riding "Don't Push It," it was auctioned for the Animal Health Trust Charity in Lancaster, London on the 4th November and it went for £303.

October 2010 - Today, I launched my first Youtube video Many more to come....

September 2010 - Busy preparing things for the stall in October. Will be painting a few organic Polo shirts and the rest will be orders. These will be upload on the website and Facebook.!/profile.php?id=100001031934116

August 2010 - I will be having a stall at Janet's Puppy Skool, Haydon Wick on October 3rd in aid of CLIMB (Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases).

A competition was launched with Horse and Hound on Facebook with the prize being one of my hand painted t-shirts.

June/July 2010- For the last couple of weeks I have been delivering my brochures to lots and lots of local vets, saddle places, produce barns etc. They have been very well received.

8th May 2010 - Today at Gatton Agricultural show, in Australia, there was the largest horse in the world, standing at an impressive 20.2 hands high. His name is Noddy and he is a Shire breed. I have the pleasure of painting his portrait onto a t-shirt. Update - Noddy is to appear in an Australian children's television series...not sure what it's called. If his owner Jane, appears on with him she will be wearing the t-shirt I painted for her.

14th May 2010 - I will be donating one of my t-shirts for an RSPCA raffle to be held in North Wiltshire, 1st December 2010. The lucky winner will have the pet of their choice painted for them.

20th May 2010 - I will be painting a shirt for the Animal Trust for their Equestrian Awards, held in early November. The subject will be the Grand National winner 2010 - 'Don't Push It', with his mounted jockey 'Tony McCoy.'

I am designing a 3 fold brochure and will be ready to print soon.

7th April 2010 - Today, I launched live -my hand painted pets on organic t-shirt website. This is a big moment for me...lots to do.







The World's Tallest Horse: Quality & innovative animal gifts for animal lovers!

youtube movies

Organic tees


Painted feathers

terracotta painted pots

Beautiful hand painted British birds on frost free terracotta long pots. These have proved to be very popular. Due to the fragility of the pots I am unable to sell these online. I have many pots on display at the events I attend to on the right.

Portrait of young girls.